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Crash Tested

The Trotter Heavy Duty Pushchair has passed the relevant tests to allow it to be used as a seat in a vehicle. (Trotter Crash Test Certificate)

The notes below are for introductory guidance only they are not intended as an exhaustive list or something which you should rely upon. We recommend that you obtain detailed advice from the operator of any vehicle in which the pushchair will be used, or the specialist company supplying a vehicle or adaptions to you.

The regulations are designed to ensure the safety of the occupant through:

1. The use of a tested and approved pushchair or wheelchair with any necessary fittings

2. The use of a vehicle specially adapted for the purpose providing:
  • appropriate anchorage for the pushchair, and
  • separate restraint for the occupant, i.e. does not rely on the pushchair safety harness

3. Correct installation.

When using your wheelchair as a replacement seat within a vehicle:
  • Your pushchair should be secured to the floor in a forwards facing direction.
  • The pushchair and occupant must be secured to the vehicle independently.
  • Only one person should not occupy the pushchair or wheelchair.
  • The pushchair should be fitted with a head restraint.
  • The upper occupant restraint should be secured to the vehicle above shoulder height. A head restraint can be independent of the pushchair/wheelchair and fitted to the vehicle so that it folds out of the way electrically at the push of a button to ensure ease of access for the user as well as safety.
  • No component of the restraint should pass through the wheelchair wheels.
  • The wheelchair should not be modified or strained to allow the fitting of restraints.
  • Loose fitting attachments should be removed from the wheelchair.

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To use your Trotter as a Crash Tested seat you will need to add some accessories: and possibly: